The Team

“The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.” - Mark Weiser

Jerry Thompson
Co-Founder / Product Ninja

Son, Brother, Husband, Father,  Fan, Entreprenuer. Just a digital guy living in an insanely digital world.

Walter Bell
Co-Founder / Chief Pixel Pusher

Born and raised in a cozy wired analog treehouse in Cleveland, Ohio, I flew from the thin atmosphere of that mothership funk in 1993 and landed in Brooklyn, New York. Upon arrival, I put my college degree to good use when I started earning my keep by creating awesome jingles with a few coins and a paper coffee cup on various corner of New York City. Check out: "Paper Cup Funk" on iTunes (under "Will Work for the Funk, Gotta have that Funk."). Sike! Ok, not really, but have I mentioned my job as a whale rider on Nat Geo's bad boyz of the outback? Ok, so I like to be creative...then came the day when I met Mr. Thompson who put me onto a new racket. So here I sit, birthing digital creations so that clients of Cando’s amazing work will see and experience all the possibilities of this new global treehouse we all live in now. Some people see the Internet & mobile apps as two lanes on the information highway. We see them as sweet pumping pistons on the Pixel Autobahn. Not for the fast and furious, but a blast for the smart and curious.

Daniel Petruzzi
Business Development / Executive Rockstar

Dan Petruzzi is a student of the personal computer age having first begun writing programs on the Commodore 64, Radioshack TRS80, Apple IIe, and IBM 8088XT computers back in the mid 1980s. From connecting to BBS on a Hayes Compatible all the way to graduating from Villanova University with a BS in Computer Science in 1997, Petruzzi has been riding the wave of internet based communications since the widespread availability of the home computer. Since graduating, Petruzzi has focused most of his attention on running and developing popular online music publication and community,

Max Puhalevich
Developer / Knower of All Things

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