How do I register on TwitrPix?

You do not need a separate account on TwitrPix. If you have a Twitter account then you can automatically log into TwitrPix using your Twitter username and password. No need for a separate account to use this site. If you do not have a Twitter account, why not sign up for free now.

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How does TwitrPix work?

TwitrPix allows you to upload and share photos on Twitter. There are several ways you can share photos... web browser, mobile phone or email. When you send TwitrPix a photo, a tweet (message) is sent to your Twitter with a link to view the photo. Users can then view, comment and share the photo with others. All comments made on your photos are sent to you as @replies.

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How do I send a photo from my mobile phone?

Log into TwitrPix and navigate to your Dashboard. Once there, you will see a custom email address such as [email protected]. Save this email address in your phone as "TwitrPix." Send us a photo from your mobile phone using that address and we'll share it on Twitter for you. The subject of the message becomes your "tweet."

iPhone users should try one of these really cool apps which use TwitrPix.

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What happens when someone comments on my photo?

When someone leaves a comment on your photo, you will receive an @reply on Twitter.

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Can I delete any of my photos?

Yes. Your photos are your photos. To delete your photos, log into TwitrPix and click on My Pix. Click on the photo you'd like to delete. You should see a Remove Photo button on the left side of the page, click it to delete/remove this photo. Deleting a photo also deletes all of the comments made by others on it.

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How do I delete a comment on my photo?

To delete a comment, log into TwitrPix and navigate to photo the comment is on. Click the delete icon next to the comment and it will be deleted.

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I'm a developer, can I use TwitrPix in my application?

Absolutely. We love mashups and interesting ways of using TwitrPix in other applications. If you're a developer, take a look at our API. If you have any questions or need something special, let us know by dropping us an email.

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Can I share photos on Twitter with my favorite Twitter application?

Sure can. In fact, we have been working with a number of really cool developers to get TwitrPix integrated in their application. This will allow you to share photos the way you want to. For a list, go here.

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Why do I want to use TwitrPix?

TwitrPix is the easiest way to share photos on Twitter. And besides, it really kicks ass at what it does. :)

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Don't see an answer for your question?

Drop us an email if you have any questions or just to give us a friendly shout.

If you like to see a new feature, we'd like to know as well.