TwitrPix API Documentation

TwitrPix provides a set of API tools to allow developers to integrate TwitrPix into their applications. These APIs may change and new functionality added in the future.

If you have special needs or would like to be notified when our API's are updated, please drop us a note at [email protected].

Need an API Key?

If you've developed a Twitter-based application and are looking to integrate photo sharing, the TwitrPix API is extremely simple. Just request a free API Key by emailing us at [email protected].

API v2 (oAuth Echo)

Version 2 uses oAuth Echo for authentication and is the recommended API method to use.

Available Method Endpoints:

API v1 (oAuth)

Version 1 uses oAuth pass-thru. There is slightly more work involved with utilizing this API method.

Available Method Endpoints:

API v0 (Basic Auth)

This is the original API method that utilizes Basic Auth. This API will be deprecating as of 8/16/2010.

Note: As Twitter will be deprecating their support for Basic Auth on 8/16/2010, it is highly recommend that your app uses either Version 2 or Version 1 of the TwitrPix APIs above before this date.

Available Method Endpoints: