About TwitrPix

TwitrPix gives you, your friends, family and co-workers the ability to upload and post photos on Twitter using your mobile phone, desktop web browser or by email. Along with a photo of your choice, you can include a message that will get Tweeted with it.

Using TwitrPix

TwitrPix requires that you have a Twitter account. If you don't have one yet, you can signup for an account on Twitter which is free. Using your Twitter login you can instantly sign-in and start using TwitrPix.

Sharing Photos on Twitter

Share photos in seconds...

  • Log into TwitrPix
  • Click on Upload
  • Attach a photo from your computer, type a caption (this becomes your Tweet), enter some tags...
  • Click OKAY, I'm Done.. That's it -- within seconds, your photo is shared on Twitter.

TwitrPix Mobile

Not always at a computer but you want to share photos on Twitter? No problem, we have you covered -- You can share photos while you're on the go.

  • Navigate to your Dashboard
  • Store your custom email address in your mobile phone addressbook as TwitrPix
  • Whenever you need to tweet a photo, just send it from your mobile phone to TwitrPix.

Your Favorite Twitter Apps + TwitrPix

TwitrPix is currently being integrated into a number of your favorite Twitter applications. Use whichever application you're most comfortable with and share photos through it with TwitrPix.

For a list of really cool apps, click here. Feel free to download and try some of them.

Why did we build it?

We love using web apps that provide function and utility. Twitter has been a big influence since it launched in 2006 in how to make an application "right." Its simple, straight-forward and has a somewhat Zen feel about it. Like a lot of people, we love using it from our mobile devices and computers. There are some many great apps that connect to the Twittersphere and we've used a lot of them.

Unfortunately, we were constantly plaqued with service outages and connectivity issues trying to get our media uploaded through other photo sharing sites. We also thought some of these apps lacked features that we thought would be cool. With that being said, we took it upon ourself to put together our own version that we hope you find as useful as we would like.


About Us

TwitrPix is a Cando Entertainment production.